It’s an Ethical.Market..

As well as supplying many bricks and mortar galleries and retailers, our jewellery is also sold through one or two very well established on line retailers. One of these is who are the UK’s largest ethical on line retailer.

This is how we introduce ourselves…

‘Koa is a small but highly ethical jewellery business based on the south coast of Wales. Our aim is to produce affordable quality jewellery from recycled base metals, and a highly durable range of colourful resins. Everything we do is handmade, from the natural silicone moulds, to the spin casting and finishing. A piece of Koa Jewellery is made to be special, and as a gift worth giving.

Low environmental impact is always on our mind. The 95% tin content in our pewter is
sourced from recycled electrical items. This could be anything from circuit boards to structural alloys, and it not only means that the metal doesn’t go to waste, but that it is not sourced and shipped half way across the world from a far to often unethical mining scheme.

To design, produce and distribute anything in the UK these days is quite a tall order. To survive in this market place, and just like the other makers found on Ethical Market, you need to be completely dedicated and truly passionate about the product. We are more so now than we have ever been.

All our pieces are carefully shipped. They come with authentication and are supplied in environmentally friendly packaging.’

Koa Jewellery is very proud to be associated with Ethical Market.