It’s so Ezebee..

How aspiring entrepreneurs can get an extra boost with

It can be difficult for young business people or individuals who want to start their own company but simply do not have the resources, the funds or the time to get it going. We found a European start-up which can really solve these problems and provide creatives with the online materials that they need and it’s called

How can help?
The international platform is a place where you can open a shop, create events, write blog articles, network, buy, have your social media and get inspired all together in one place! Starting your own website can be difficult to build up SEO, design and market yourself. The guys at have created a platform to help you build up our own rankings and provided a place for users to have their own space and become easily searchable.

Take a look at an example of one of their UK showrooms here:

What do we have to do to get started?

It is really easy to get going on, it should only take a few minutes -or even seconds if you sign up with Facebook or twitter! It is completely free to sign up and do not take any commissions for sales, they believe the money earned should belong to the seller completely, and therefore make money from advertising on the site.
You can get started by clicking right here:

Anything else?
Well we could go on and on… if you already have an etsy or a Dawanda shop, you can make the most of them with with their shop apps where you can integrate into your showrooms! They also have their own currency on called EZBs. Using EZBs is a good way to avoid bank fees and makes international trade much easier. You can use them to buy and sell anything and even earn them by being active on the platform!