Mousehole Christmas Lights

Christmas is fast approaching and the crisp winter evenings of Cornwall are being lit with mesmerising and beautiful Christmas lights. The picturesque harbour of Mousehole is famous for its incredible, but simple, display and thousands visit every year to see the spectacle!

With the stunning sight of whales and fishing boats floating in the harbour, Christmas trees on the harbour wall and hanging lanterns framing the narrow and quaint streets, it’s no wonder so many flock to see this twinkling and festive village. The 2014 “switch on” will be held on Saturday 13th December at 7:30pm. Lights will be on each evening between 5.00pm and 11.00pm until Saturday 3rd January.

Even if you really aren’t feeling festive this year or you simply love Christmas, why not make the most of the cold evenings and have a wander around the truly beautiful harbour with the smell of mulled wine lingering in the air.