Koa creates coastal inspired ethical jewellery for today's conscious consumer.

Sustainably Simple

Having made the commitment to be a sustainable jewellery brand very early on, Koa has continued to grow and develop with a focus always on less harmful practices over profit. Our lines are always designed to be as uplifting in their ethical nature as they are in their simple style and selective use of colour. With prices starting at just under twenty pounds, you will also find that our unique range of jewellery isn't just ethical, but very affordable too.

Our collections don't even attempt to follow the usual seasonal trends, so you can shop our vibrant and innovative range, safe in the knowledge that every piece is handmade for longevity, and distinct from the fashion cycle. The fresh vibe and simple Scandinavian style, while accessible to all, will have particular meaning to anyone choosing to live a considered and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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Our home and studio are situated right by the sea, just a short distance from Cardiff Bay in South Wales. With a beautiful coastal outlook, we are a dedicated independent business that is constantly striving to make improvements. To run a small business that makes a zero percent impact on the planet is an impossible mission, but in carefully sourcing fair mined, recycled, and recyclable materials, we do as much as we can to minimize that impact.

Read more about what makes jewellery ethical & sustainable here.

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