About Koa

About Koa Jewellery - meet founder, Lawrence Gibson. Lawrence leans against a wooden post on a beach, in the rain. Looking to camera wearing a blue jacket and light blue jeans

Our Story

Koa is inspired by a love for the coast and the UK’s thriving creative community. The maker’s studio — based near the water’s edge in Sully, South Wales — gives us a place to pause, evaluate and enjoy life a little more. We hope to capture this feeling in each piece of handmade jewellery, reflecting the coastline and all its colours and forms.

Out of respect for the environment, we craft Koa Jewellery using pewter containing 100% recycled tin originating from unused and discarded electrical goods — creating beauty from waste.

Our Mission

Create with purpose

Koa crafts thoughtful, ethical, coastal-inspired jewellery. Our processes and products have been refined in line with our beliefs. With consideration for our community of artists and small businesses alongside our environment and the impacts we have on nature, we act with care and integrity.


Our Values

Create consciously for the planet

Each stage of our design and business process is carefully considered in terms of impact on the environment. From the recycled base metal in our jewellery to our packaging and mailing processes, our core focus is sustainability.

Nurture real relationships

Consistently fantastic customer service is a foundation of Koa. We aim to speak honestly and humbly, doing the right thing for the environment and our customers.

Koa is committed to supporting independent retailers such as galleries and small stores that curate quality handmade products from the UK. We consciously seek out like-minded individuals who champion slow fashion and ethically made goods, supporting this vital ecosystem of artists, curators, shopkeepers and conscious consumers.

Integrity throughout

Sustaining the integrity of our business and relationships is fundamental to Koa. This is reflected in the work itself, which emphasises small scale production and dedication to quality and craftsmanship over commerce.

Shine a light on the beauty of simplicity

In life and our designs, we strip away unnecessary extras — keeping things simple, finding joy in the uncomplicated and sharing this with our customers.