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Wales is overflowing with natural beauty spots, picturesque coastal towns and villages, and speckled with awe-inspiring castles that recall the country’s rich medieval history. More than just a pretty picture, Wales presents some of the best adventuring opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts that include camping, hiking, biking and climbing, and not to mention an array of water sports – and it is also home to a teeming hub of independent businesses and eateries.

Wanting to share their love of the country and its uniquely eclectic beauty, the founders of Discover Cymru created their Instagram page six years ago, which became a space for passionate Welsh photographers to share their work and highlight some of Wales’ most draw dropping scenery.


Welsh photographer in Snowdonia


Since then, the team has created the Discover Cymru website and grown into a community of like-minded individuals committed to spotlighting all that Wales has to offer. The site comprises a travel blog, information about some of the best-loved and least-discovered gems in the country, and listings of the many authentic businesses that are unique to Wales. Beginning with their passion for the great outdoors, this is what they do and why we are so keen to talk about them!


Travel Guide.


For those who love the outdoors and want to scope out the best adventures to be had in the rugged Welsh landscape – whether among the breathtaking mountains or along the gorgeous coastline – Discover Cymru has a plethora of resources to help you out, including a travel guide and blog. 


Snowdonia National Park


Discover Cymru publishes articles regularly, to keep readers up to date with the latest events happening in Wales, allowing them to collect the best experiences possible during their exploration of the country. There’s a wealth of information to be found on the best walking, hiking and biking trails, and the prime spots for less conventional exploits like paddle boarding and even cloud-inversion spotting – a breathtaking phenomenon that you might be lucky enough to spot when you visit. 

So whether you're into long distance hiking, climbing in Snowdonia, or you just want to breathe in the freshest of air whilst taking in the view, you can be sure to find what you are looking for right here within this incredibly comprehensive guide for everything Wales has to offer.


Beautiful Home Stays.


The team at Discover Cymru are all about “slow, sustainable travel” - unless you’re speeding down one of Wales incredible mountain biking trails - and in practice, this means that the platform makes a huge effort to support local, independent Welsh businesses, ones that prioritize sustainability and take into account the world around them. These are enterprises that have a real conscience and consider not just the environment on a global level, but the impact on their local community when they make decisions relating to their business.


Welsh home stay


So, for example, when you’re done exploring and need to hunker down and get a good night’s rest for the next day’s adventure, Discover Cymru can tell you where to find the most unique hotels, and the best campsites to make your stay an unforgettable one. On Discovery Cymru’s ‘Places to Stay’ pages you can find info about hidden gems like Trelan farm, a family run glamping site. Providing travellers with an idyllic escape in the Welsh countryside, it has stylishly decked-out ecological cabins with outdoor bathing. Or, if you don’t fancy camping, then there are fabulous articles to read on the best Airbnbs and 7 of the most amazing places to stay in Wales.


So if you are considering your next staycation, weekend break or mini adventure, this is - without a doubt - the best place to start the research for your well earned Welsh getaway.


Siop Local


By now, we’re all aware of the harmful effects of ‘fast’ consumerism – whether it’s fast fashion or fast food – and the benefits of shopping local extend not only to the communities in which these businesses are based, but to the environment as a whole.

This is why Discover Cymru has a page dedicated to spotlighting sustainable, independent Welsh businesses, helping travellers to make conscious shopping choices by showing them where to Siop Local.

From restaurants and cafes to local produce, art & fashion, Wales is home to a lively community of creative, independent businesses. While Discovery Cymru use their voice to support small Welsh travel businesses on their site, at the same time they expose these travellers to exciting, unique local businesses they probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise.


Laura Dennis Gallery


For instance, if you’re planning a trip to one of Wales’ most loved nature spots – Brecon Beacons National Park – Discover Cymru recommends trying some of the hottest (not literally) new beers, thoughtfully brewed at a new local microbrewery Antur Co. and served at the Three Cocks pub close to the park.

Wales is filled with creatives, many of whom draw inspiration from the country’s rich culture, history and landscape. Among many others in their Welsh Gift Guide listings, Discover Cymru recommend businesses & artisans such as the ‘Welsh Girl’ and ‘Make’ for their inspired slow fashion creations, and with both enterprises being mindful of re-use and sustainability, why wouldn’t they. Discovery Cymru also share our values and recognise our commitment to running a sustainable, eco-conscious business. As such, Koa Jewellery are honoured to also be featured in this section, so thank you Discover Cymru.


Welsh Girl Fashion & Textiles


So if you are looking for the perfect Welsh Gift, or in search of a platform that showcases gorgeous photography whilst posting informative blog posts to help guide your next trip to Wales, Discovery Cymru is the ultimate online guide for anyone looking to explore this incredible country. To get inspiration for your next Welsh adventure, browse Discovery Cymru here.