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Living Your Best Coastal Life

For many, it’s the dream to move to the coast and wake up each morning to a view of the ocean. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to already be living within a stone’s throw of the beach, or maybe you just want to embrace a few coastal lifestyle habits to enhance the enjoyment of your life.

Coastal living is about more than simply living near the sea – though an appreciation for water and nature does heavily play into the mindset – it’s a lifestyle that enables you to stay present, connected and happy.

With this in mind, here are 6 suggestions to help live your best coastal life, whether you live by the sea or not.


Connect with nature whenever you can.


In a world like ours, it’s easy to forget that human beings are a part of nature – and, as a result, being in nature is incredibly beneficial to our mental well being.

Those who live by the coast don’t take their surroundings for granted and make sure to enjoy the seaside as much as possible, taking advantage of the fresh air, soaking in the sun and letting the vitamin D rejuvenate their bodies.

Even if you don’t live near the sea, making a conscious effort to spend time in natural places – even if, on some days, this is your local park – is a huge mood booster and a great way to unwind from the stresses of urban living.

On your days off, this could mean visiting a local wildlife preserve, forest, canal, and – of course – the coast.


Birds flying over the sea


Stay active outdoors rather than go to the gym.


One of the best things about living by the sea is that you have access to a huge blue playground in which to swim or take part in watersports such as surfing, jet-skiing, fishing or sailing – immeasurably better than going to a gym in a big grey building, away from nature, every day.

Even if you don’t live near the sea, many lakes offer watersports, while park runs in greenery allow you to spend more time in nature and less on a treadmill. Coastal living is about making the most out of what’s near you.


Create a coastal inspired home.


One of the best ways to live the coastal life vicariously, even if you’re miles away from the ocean, is to imbue your home with a coastal design aesthetic, so every day can feel like a trip to the seaside.

Using white and light neutral colours with hints of blue, and choosing natural materials for your furniture and decorating, can give your home the ultimate beachy makeover (you can read more about how to makeover your home using Scandinavian & coastal influences here).


A beautiful coastal inspired kitchen


Revamp your style.


While city dwellers tend to wear tight, restrictive clothing – suits, fitted dresses, skinny jeans – those by the coast know that style is comfort.

With loose-fitting trousers made from lightweight materials like linen, and tops that you can barely feel (and a big warm coat for winter), those who embrace the coastal lifestyle can have their cake and eat it, striking the perfect compromise between style and comfort.


 Make your life more eco-friendly.


Living near nature – and particularly by the ocean – can make you think more critically about the choices you make and the impact that those choices have on the environment, but anyone with an appreciation for the planet can feel compelled to make a difference.

Being mindful about what we purchase, what we throw away, the energy we use and our carbon footprint is essential to the mindset of coastal living (you can read more about how to live sustainably here).

With this in mind, if you decide to opt for coastal home décor and beach-inspired personal style, make sure to purchase second-hand or products made from recycled or sustainable materials, like the Koa Jewellery collection. Or, you could adapt and upcycle the things you already have.


A model with a coastal style.


Live a slower, happier life.


We live in a society that lauds being busy, overfilling schedules and ‘hustle’ culture, yet those who embrace the coastal lifestyle understand that to get the most enjoyment out of life, we need to slow down and let ourselves live in the moment.

So, wherever possible, take the pressure off yourself. Tell yourself you deserve some time to relax and have fun and that life isn’t just one big to-do list.

Allowing ourselves to enjoy living in the moment is crucial to enjoying our limited time on earth to the fullest, and if you need to meditate or practice mindfulness in order to accomplish this, do so – perhaps while you’re out and about in nature.



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